"Yuki" presented during the event Mostra dell'artigianato

in Firenze, Fortezza da Basso

A look towards Asia.

The night markets, smells, sounds and traditions are very different from ours. They talk of earthbound rhythms that perhaps today, in the West, we have lost sight of.

Can simple images on the handwork of silk in Laos send all of this? Probably not, but they are an essential starting point for understanding a very different world.

Be led by their asymmetries (which represent the continuity in the Zen culture) that become

a dynamic beauty which attracts and involves, bringing out in the best way

a valuable and detailed fabric.

The footwear Yuki (abbreviation of the name Yukiko Japanese that means

"snow that melts in the sun") seeks to reveal at its best all that can exist behind a design project. The formal and aesthetic approach of a different culture, a "do wise " that in our world

we have almost lost, and all the beauty of a time that we can find in a piece of decorated silk.Following the Eastern tradition also in the wearability, where the link (here interpreted

in the closing node) is strongly opposed to buckles and glue, where as here it

is the typical “binder” of our Western culture.

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