There is a strong affinity between the female body and ceramic,

and a relationship of exchange that goes beyond the similarity between the female figure and that of an amphora.

This marriage creates a series of highly symbolic relationships, that seem to explain the world : then becomes spontaneously understood the relationship between content and container, as both empty and full of air, between water and land and intended as both source and material.

It is no coincidence that since the Paleolithic era, the "Venus" and the "mother goddesses" have created precise relationships with the archetype of the feminine and that even in earlier times ,like the Neolithic period, appeared in the “jar-body” the primary symbolic elements: mouth, stomach, breast, uterus.

A personal reflection and a visual input that suggests to me the idea of making a "ceramic dress" because every insight, every glance and every experience is an important part of the design: there are ideas and solutions.

The material suggests symbols and shapes, helps to mark a secular culture that has not lost its continuity with history and which stimulates a tactile, visual and olfactory contact.

And so, the material allowed me to tackle the project with spontaneity it imposed to me the margins of the working, in an almost magical way, because inspired me hidden and rituals creative energies.

No Frame

"Ri-vestimento" thesis - presened during the opening night of Brunelleschi Industrie S.r.l. stand to the Fuorisalone of Milano 2008

photo : 2Torres photographer, all rights reserved to Brunelleschi Industrie S.r.l.

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